About Squashy Studios

In recent years, online gaming has become more popular than ever. People love using online games as both a source of entertainment and a source of additional revenue. People have found that online casinos offer a wide variety of gaming options for some of the premier entertainment in the world today. This includes card games and roulette; however, the most popular online casino game today is slot machines. Slot machines have been around in physical casinos from day one. On the other hand, people are just now starting to realize the potential of slot machines in the online world. Find the best slots in countries like Thailand and Vietnam on รีวิวสล็อต50คํา.

The Inspiration for Squashy Studios

Every artist looks to their predecessors for some inspiration and Squashy Studios is no different. Squashy found its inspiration through two of the premier names in the online casino industry. These two giants are hello casino and kroon casino. Hello casino is one of the leaders in the online casino world and kroon casino one of the biggest leaders in the Netherlands. Both offer the Ultimate casino game of 2021. If you want to check it out, you can spelen met echt geld bij 21.com casino here.

 They have been around for years and have developed an impressive track record of combining consumer entertainment with customer safety. Every organization needs to prioritize customer service and hello casino has done just that. Netent has made a name by providing cutting-edge graphics that have revolutionized the player experience. In addition to providing creative artwork, Netent has also worked hard to make flashy additions and custom multimedia features a cornerstone of their casino and casino slot games designs. For more information, check out the homepages for these two respected leaders in the online casino industry. The online casino industry would not be where it is today without the groundwork that has been laid by hello casino and Netent.

The Purpose of Squashy Studios

Squashy Studios has drawn inspiration from the leaders in the field and has used the success of its predecessors to focus on greater heights. The goal of Squashy studios is to revolutionize the framework for a good slot machine. Slot machines today provide the backbone for online casinos; however, the projects are often overwhelming for designers because the technology has changed but the division of labor has not. This means that the same person is stuck taking a slot machine program from start to finish. This creates a significant amount of work and makes it difficult for a designer to create a solid slot machine that also has the unique and colorful displays that players demand with today’s technology. Without this draw, casinos struggle to bring in players who want to use the slot machines and play the games. This winds up hurting the revenue in an online casino.

The Next Step in the Design of Online Casino Slot Machines

Therefore, Squashy Studios is dedicated to providing a framework for slot machines that casinos everywhere can use. With a framework in place, the casinos will have more time to spend designing the flashy, unique, and colorful displays that the players expect. Before this can happen, Squashy will work hard to change the design of slot machines so that the programming is simple and straightforward. This will provide a sturdy, reliable, and stable slot machine that every online casino can use. Hopefully, Squashy will one day watch as their slot machines roll in online casinos such as hello casino.

Partnerships & LeoVegas Casino Collaboration

We will soon release a newly developed online slot together with LeoVegas casino. So keep an close eye on our website for more information. Lasty, you can read more about our remaing partnership with FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com