Claymation has been used in many successful TV shows and movies to model malleable constructs that otherwise occur in real life. Squashy has designed ways for claymation to have a wide variety of applications in the slot machine world. This includes modeling the rolling and spinning of the slots in addition to the animation cutscenes between plays.

Lego Constructs

Lego constructs have also risen in popularity in the media world. In fact, entire video games and movies are being designed with legos. This is still an untapped world in the slot machine and online casino industry and Squashy is confident that once online casinos see what lego constructs can do, they will be impressed with the results.

Paper Crafts

Paper has been used in the world of online casinos and the world of TV shows and movies for generations. It is no secret that many of the world’s most popular video games and characters have been modeled using paper. Paper can be just as effective if used to model the animations for slot machines. It is a malleable resource that has a wide variety of applications that are useful for online casinos.

Wooden Slot Machines

Of course, the basis for the original slot machines is not going to fade. The first slot machines were built out of wood. This is what people calls the “real” slot machines. Squashy is going to take these real slot machines and use them as the basis to build the advanced programming on top of this framework. Then, these slot machines will be translated to the online world. People will be able to witness these classical slot machines in action with the advanced technology of today. Players and casinos will be amazed.