Blackjack is a simple card game were you try to beat the bank by getting closer to 21 without going over it. When this happens, you automatically lose the round. One of the reasons for the popularity of this game is that the odds against the bank are relatively good. You can win quite a nice amount once you have mastered the rules. So read on to learn the rules and play Blackjack for real money!


The game begins when the player places the bet before seeing the cards. The bank then deals the cards, whereby the player receives two visible cards and the bank receives two cards, one of which remains upside down. When all cards are in play, the player can choose to draw another card or leave it at that. There are several options for this. This depends on how close the value of the cards is to 21.


This is the term for taking another card after you have already received two. If your cards together have a significantly lower value than 21, then it is worth taking another card. For beginners, the rule of thumb is to always grab a card up to 12 points. If you have 17 points or more, it is better to continue playing with the hand you have.


This is what it is called when you continue to play with the cards you have. You do this of course when this seems to be the best option. You can do this both at the beginning of the game and when you have already received additional cards.


When you have two cards of the same value, you can choose to split. However, some casinos only allow this with cards that have a minimum value
of 10. If you choose the split option, you will immediately bet double your original bet. After all, you continue with two sets of cards. After this you
just continue with the normal game rules.

bet behind

Some casinos also offer bet behind. This is little more than betting on another player’s results. This can be a nice option for novice players, because you will get the opportunity to watch with experienced players and develop your own strategy.


If the bank’s visible card is an ace, you can opt for
insurance. This is because the chances are relatively high that he will achieve 21 points. After all, there are many cards with 10 points in the game. The insurance costs half of your original bet and if the bank actually immediately scores a Blackjack, you win double your bet.


Sounds great fun, of course, but it’s much more fun when you actually play the game. So quickly find a casino and speel Blackjack voor echt geld! If you have a strategy, you can earn a lot of pocket money too.