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The gambling industry has undergone some fantastic advancements and developments in game development. Every day, it seems like there are new slot games being released that cater to every market. At Squashy Studios, we pride ourselves on being a leader in creating fun new games that anyone can enjoy. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with We’re combining our expertise and decades of team experience to create the best online slots. Keep reading to learn more about our company,, and our upcoming projects.

About Squashy Studios

If you aren’t familiar with what we do and what we’re all about, let us introduce ourselves. Squashy Studios is the innovative brain-child from the founders of Hello Casino and Kroon Casino. Our parent casinos are known worldwide for being exciting, popular gambling platforms. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Our founders realized that there was stagnation in slot game development and set out to do something about it. They established Squashy Studios to change the face and process of software development. Here, we specialize in ideas and collaboration. Whereas other gaming studios rely on an individual programmer to take slots through all the steps, we join together. We swap ideas and mutually develop each slot, to make sure our products never stagnate.


The FreeSpins platform is dedicated to connecting players with the best online casinos. There are thousands of gambling websites and software developers out there, but not all are created equal. Their crack staff spends hours researching every casino site imaginable and providing invaluable feedback. Each review discusses what a gambler can expect in terms of bonus promotions, payment methods, and—most importantly—game selection. They know what players want from slot machines. That makes them a fantastic partner.

What We’re Working On

We’ve decided to combine our efforts to create something truly magical for slot lovers all over the world. We know you’re tired of seeing the same themes and structures over and over. And to be perfectly honest, our developers are tired, too! That’s why we’re combining our staff’s ingenuity with perspective, to bring you what you want to see. For starters, we’re working to bring more 3D slots to online gaming. There are a handful out there, but they need a lot of work. There’s a huge demand for attractive, exciting 3D slot games that have more to offer than your standard video slot. We’re also working hard to explore bonus features for all the slots we’re working on. We know things like travelling wilds, free spins, and colossal symbols can elevate the gambling experience. These are tried and true methods—but we want to go further. We can’t say too much but look out for even more involved mini games and bonus features that are guaranteed to win you big bucks. Beyond that, we’re working on creating flashy intros and graphics that dazzle. Visual appeal can elevate any game, and that’s what we aim to do. Lastly, we’re working on developing some original themes and exploring territory that most software providers haven’t even considered. There are plenty of TV, movie, and video hits that are ripe for the picking.

We’ll See You at the Next Big Hit

Thanks for taking the time to read about our partnership with We look forward to revealing our new projects and getting your feedback very soon.